Fusion HCM Applications

Senryo solutions now enable the full suite of integrated Oracle Fusion HCM Applications. Oracle Applications can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, and offer standards-based business applications that integrate seamlessly for agile, intelligent business operations.

Built to work with other enterprise and industry applications, Fusion HCM automate business processes and support better decision-making, while preserving customer choice of solutions and reducing overall IT costs. With Oracle Fusion Applications, companies can deploy modern business applications using advanced technologies to tackle critical business problems without disrupting their overall IT strategy.

Senryo consultants are experts in Oracle HCM Applications with experience and know-how from many successful implementations and post-implementation engagements

Modern User Interface
Fusion Applications have set new standards for Business Applications by incorporating modern user Interface concepts. These Applications work seamlessly on numerous browsers and devices providing a consistent experience. Fusion provides simpler searches, predictive choices and faster results. Users can apply the same interface – along with consumer social applications – across multiple devices. Fusion aggregates information from various modules and presents information to users in a simplified manner.

Web 2.0 Collaboration
Today’s workforce uses chat, discussion forums or web conferencing to communicate and make decisions. In the past, Web 2.0 collaboration technologies were disconnected from enterprise applications. Fusion now integrates Web 2.0 Collaboration within the ERP application, offering:

  • Improved Productivity: Instead of searching for an employee in a separate on-line directory to initiate a session through a separate Web 2.0 application, a Web 2.0-aware enterprise application can provide a direct link to other employees, and single-click access to on-line communications with them.
  • Faster Access to Context: A Web 2.0-aware application can integrate the business context with the discussion, and capture the decision details for future reference.
  • Enhanced Security: The channels that a Fusion application offers directly are sanctioned and secure, unlike third-party programs that employees commonly use for non-professional communications.

Business Intelligence

Fusion has pre-built solution content for rapid deployment, and modular design for flexibility. Fusion Applications provide a comprehensive set of analytics. Business processes have embedded BI to aid decision making. Embedded BI is contextual, task-oriented, and provides real-time access to data. With Fusion, clients can track Intelligent Business Processes that inform users what occurred, why it happened, who is involved and how issues are resolved as an integrated part of the user experience.

Fusion also offers leading edge predictive analytics. Fusion deploys various data-mining techniques to predict key indicators like performance of an employee or risk of loss. These analytics are also seamlessly integrated throughout the application.

Fusion Methodology
Senryo uses SAFE (Senryo’s Accelerated Fusion Execution) methodology to implement Oracle Fusion applications. SAFE methodology is based on Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM) and RapidStart Program and it incorporates necessary activities to accelerate application deployment.