Oracle Cloud Applications

Senryo solutions now enable the full suite of integrated Oracle Fusion Applications to handle HCM, ERP and CRM business processes. Oracle Applications can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, and offer standards-based business applications that integrate seamlessly for agile, intelligent business operations.

Built to work with other enterprise and industry applications, Oracle Fusion Applications automate business processes and support better decision-making, while preserving customer choice of solutions and reducing overall IT costs. With Oracle Fusion Applications, companies can deploy modern business applications using advanced technologies to tackle critical business problems without disrupting their overall IT strategy.

Senryo covers all aspects of Cloud Apps lifecycle from selection through implementation to preventive and predictive maintenance. Our strengths in Cloud Apps include:

  • Business Process Expertise – Senryo’s Cloud team has vast experience in developing and implementing Cloud Apps and other business applications for satisfied customers.
  • Product Expertise and Leading-Edge Knowledge – Our team includes people who architected key areas of Fusion and hold numerous patents and are aware of the current and upcoming business and technology trends.

Using SAFE methodology, Senryo delivers a measurable project plan, keeps costs in check and maintains high quality of deliverables.

Senryo Offerings can be categorized into three areas:

  • Co-existence
  • Full Implementation
  • Cloud Sustainability

Co-Existence: Senryo implements selected Cloud Apps while leaving your existing on-premises Core Application untouched, so the applications co-exist.

Fusion Talent Management can be implemented as a co-exist option. You can lower your cost and risk while trying out modern applications without destabilizing Core Applications. Senryo can take Oracle provided tools and framework to deliver processes that keep Core data in sync with Fusion. This will eliminate the need to enter data in two systems.

Full Implementation: Core Applications along with other required business applications can be implemented. There are many product combinations available to smooth the implementation process. Customers can take a big-bang approach and replace the entire suite of applications or choose to take small steps.

Senryo can help you decide the optimum set of applications and can also help with the roadmap. Our experts have significant experience in business process engineering to guide you through the decision-making process.

Cloud Sustainability: Senryo understands what it takes to run a business. We know that the end of an implementation is the beginning of productive business activity. This is where you need the most support. Senryo will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make life easier. We can perform various tests, and check behind the scenes while business users continue to use the applications. Our offering includes:

1) Health Checks | To ensure that your system stays healthy, we will run various tools and scripts to report on data quality. We will regularly check the security configurations and monitor access, ensuring full adherence to your policies and procedures.

2) Sustain | Senryo helps sustain your operations based on current usage and future business events (an acquisition, or need for temporary workers to support seasonal requirements), offering recommendations for the optimum configuration on an ongoing basis.

3) Enhance | A key advantage to Cloud applications is the ability to benefit from ongoing improvements.  You may take advantage of new features and mothball obsolete custom software. Senryo will evaluate and recommend optimal timing to incorporate new features into the production environment. Senryo will also test your existing business process flows to ensure continuous improvement does not result in regression in activities.

4) Influence | Senryo will work on your behalf to influence Oracle so that your requirements are considered actively in their product development.