Analytics & Business Intelligence

Accessing Information

Supporting the Analytics-Driven Organization

Big data is a gold mine. Senryo Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions help management discover the value within their information assets. With high-impact analytics and data management, you can gain insight about your customers and operations to help you make smarter decisions.

Higher Expectations Through Business Intelligence
Senryo’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions assist the enterprise in leveraging existing data in new ways to improve decision making and gain a competitive edge.

For more than 14 years, Senryo has helped clients analyze information to see real results, including:

  • Improved opportunity identification through better segmentation and profiling
  • Lower customer costs due to better identification of priorities
  • Increased productivity through automation, better defined leads, accurate management of marketing campaigns, and improved vendor relationships
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Our approach to Analytics and Business Intelligence allows for uninterrupted operations and transitional change. Our proven SWAT Methodology (Senryo’s Warehouse and Analytics Track) helps keep your business running smoothly.

Our process begins with an assessment to define where you are now and provide a road map to where you want to be. Data Profiling and Discovery help us design and integrate business intelligence activities that give your business insights and answers.