Enterprise Application Integration

Enabling the Enterprise

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Senryo’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) practice helps our customers manage the complexities of global business environments, allowing them to solve integration and consolidation challenges, to improve operational efficiencies and minimize complexity using defined business processes that reduce costs.

Optimize Your IT Investment
The challenges companies face when attempting to gain access to information, tie together legacy systems, manage multiple enterprise applications that are versions behind the current release, and provide assurance that data sources stay secure can be daunting. Our EAI services provide clients with custom solutions specifically tailored to their needs. We leverage investments by integrating new technologies and applications with existing applications to deliver valued business outcomes. You can fully realize the potential of your investments without a costly and time-consuming ‘rip-and-replace’ initiative. We aim to provide you with robust Content Management and Transaction systems by implementing enterprise solutions, developing applications, and tying together disperse systems, resulting in seamless end-to-end solutions and immediate access to critical decision-making content.

Advantages of Senryo’s Enterprise Application Integration

  • Consolidates Key Information In Common Repository For Data Consistency: Critical information is housed in common areas to reduce data redundancy and expedite retrieval of data. Senryo’s EAI solutions facilitate storage of valuable information in streamlined repositories to increase IT manageability and improve data relevancy.
  • Allows for Real-Time Connectivity Across Business Activities: Users across your organization can access the information they need in a real-time environment to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Provides Common Interfaces Across Multiple Services: Senryo’s EAI services provide consistent front-end interfaces across your organization to allow easier interaction and communication between multiple departments.
  • Enables Process Automation: EAI can streamline processes that allow integrating information and activities across business silos and applications.
  • Extends Life of Existing Investments: Instead of spending capital, time and resources to overhaul your current systems, EAI allows you to integrate current applications and continue to capitalize on previous investments.

Examples of technologies we work with include:

EAI Methodology
Critical to Senryo’s process for software development and implementation methodology is SEAM (Senryo’s Enterprise Application Methodology). The six phases of the SEAM diagram below are used to define our EAI process engagements, ensuring strategic outcomes.

SEAM enables our consultants to expedite the development and deployment cycles when creating results-driven solutions that coexist across disparate technology platforms.