Change Management


Increasing Organizational Support for Change
Senryo pays special attention to the people side of every IT implementation. With Senryo’s Change Management services, you can rely on a smooth transition for system users.

Our Approach
Senryo consultants guide you through the Change Management process, including:

  • ASSESSMENT:  to determine if your organization, systems and users are ready for change, and identify any gaps. Senryo works with you to determine whether changes align with your project objectives, create a vision, and identify any resource or budget gaps.
  • PLANNING:  to prepare communication and implementation plans to inform users about when, how and why changes will happen. Throughout the process, Senryo adjusts the project schedule, evaluates the impact on resources and budget and provides ongoing updates.
  • SPONSORSHIP:  to work with your organization’s internal sponsor who will lead the plan
  • COMMUNICATION AND TRAINING:  to keep all project stakeholders informed about changes and their impact, develop user training programs and provide guidance to the trainers who will coach users. Communication of changes are handled on an individual basis and prioritized based on the complexity of each change order request.
  • ANALYSIS AND FEEDBACK:  to collect and analyze data from users, and communicate results to your management team.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING:  to identify potential roadblocks to success and develop corrective actions to avoid problems.

Our approach helps you to emphasize the benefits of the change throughout the process to increase buy-in and support across your organization.

Most projects encounter variations in scope or requirements along the way. With our proven Change Management process and methodology, we are able to clearly define, review, and gain consensus when variations happen. We work with you to ensure that changes within the overall scope of the project are approved and implemented, and to keep all stakeholders informed about the changes.

Throughout the engagement, changes are handled in a concise and repeatable manner, to minimize the impact of changes on the project schedule and budget. Senryo’s process has been designed to prevent unnecessary work from occurring and focusing resources only on required changes within the project scope. With Senryo’s Change Management services, you can rely on a smooth transition.