Project Lifecycle


Optimizing Your Opportunity for Success
Project Lifecycle Services from Senryo help you manage the process of IT application development. Our experienced consultants can help you integrate the data, technology, staff and processes required during the application lifecycle to optimize your opportunity for success.

Our Approach
Senryo consultants work with you through the Software Development Lifecycle to:

  • ASSESS REQUIREMENT:  Identify the business goals and requirements for the application project; assess staffing needs
  • DESIGN:  Design/architect according to the requirements.
  • DEVELOP:  Build the application to the stated requirements
  • TEST:  Perform tests to verify that objectives are met. Resolve defects.
  • DEPLOY AND MAINTAIN:  Implement, transfer knowledge, support and maintain systems and processes required for success.

Our Project Lifecycle Services are complemented by Senryo’s other services:


We apply our project management services and work closely with organization executives across a project’s lifecycle. We can manage the whole lifecycle or work solely in the portion of the SDLC that our customers would like us to assist with.