Project Management


Delivering Results to Meet Your Goals
In today’s business environment, you need to adapt to new technologies while protecting your investment in existing systems. How do you manage complex, multi-component projects effectively? Senryo Project Management can help. Our expertise in architecture, technology and implementation make Senryo a leader in IT project management for public sector and private sector client organizations.

At Senryo, our project managers have the industry experience, business process expertise and technical skills to execute projects successfully and deliver the results you need. Senryo ensures that the desired business benefits are always at the forefront of the project initiatives we undertake. Our project managers make certain that there is alignment of project team members, stakeholders and users; that expectations are managed through the development process; that there are quality management checkpoints in place; and that there is a clear focus on the end goals.

Our Approach
The Senryo project management team works with clients to:

  • Define: Senryo initiates that project by working closely with you to clearly define the business objectives and project scope.
  • Align: Senryo aligns your organization’s existing IT infrastructure with project goals and objectives, ensuring that you fully understand and control all aspects of complex projects.
  • Plan: Senryo establishes the project timeline and identifies resources needed, from staffing to systems to budget.
  • Execute: Senryo works with you to implement the solution to meet the project’s objectives.
  • Monitor and Control: Senryo analyzes project performance and reports on status, to ensure that the project is on track to delivers results as planned.

Shared Knowledge to Improve Effectiveness
Senryo takes a collaborative approach to project management, to include a thorough understanding of your business needs and how IT can respond to those needs. Senryo team members work hand-in-hand with you to plan, organize and execute effective project management processes that ensure the highest level of quality and productivity.


Senryo’s Project Management framework is based on the Industry Standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to manage projects. The primary objective of the framework is to manage a project to completion on time, within budget, without surprises. It consists of six principles, with embedded rules and practices that are inherent throughout our efforts:

  • Define and prioritize project requirements, activities and roles/responsibilities
  • Provide realistic estimates of time and cost
  • Manage the production of deliverables and the project schedule; validate and manage the quality of deliverables
  • Manage project scope change
  • Ensure that our client is informed of the project’s progress through weekly status reporting, executive meetings and risk mitigation plans
  • Engage the client in approving Senryo’s work based on deliverable acceptance criteria.

We apply our project management services and work closely with organization executives across a project’s lifecycle.