Reimagine your business in the cloud.

Gartner says that by 2020, “a Corporate ‘No-Cloud’ Policy will be as rare as a ‘No-Internet’ policy is today.”

In today’s economy, companies are shifting to a “cloud-first” and soon, a “cloud-only” business model. As companies make the digital transition from on-premises to the cloud, some are choosing to leverage hybrid IT environments along the way.


Using cloud solutions, enterprises can use advanced technologies without disrupting their overall IT strategy.


Senryo’s Solutions

Senryo’s cloud offerings help companies transform into a digital enterprise via:


Senryo implements selected cloud applications while leaving your existing on-premise core applications untouched. Fusion Talent Management can be implemented as a co-exist option. You can lower your costs and risks while trying out modern applications without destabilizing core applications. Senryo can take Oracle provided tools and frameworks to deliver processes that keep core data in sync with Fusion. This will eliminate the need to enter data in two systems.

Full Implementation

Core applications along with other required business applications can be implemented on the cloud. There are many product combinations available to smooth the implementation process. Senryo can help you decide the optimum set of applications and can also help with creating the roadmap. Our experts have significant experience in business process engineering to guide you through the decision-making process.

Cloud Sustainability

Senryo understands what it takes to run a business. We know that the end of an implementation is just the beginning for productive business activities. This is where you need the most support. Senryo will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make life easier. We can perform various tests, and check behind the scenes while business users continue to use the applications.

For specific cloud technology solutions, check out our Oracle Solutions and IBM Solutions pages.

Business Benefits

Ensure that your system stays healthy

Run various tools and scripts to report on data quality


Regularly check security configurations and monitor access, ensuring full adherence to your policies and procedures

Sustain your operations based on current usage and future business events


Evaluate and recommend optimal timing to incorporate new features into the production environment

Test your existing business process flows to ensure that continuous improvement does not result in regression


Ensure that your business requirements are considered actively during Oracle’s product development (for businesses using Oracle applications)

Success Stories

Senryo’s depth of expertise and experience have allowed us to help many organizations from multiple, diverse industries. To learn how we helped our clients, visit our Resources page.