Make data-based decisions in today’s
information-driven economy.

A revolution is underway. According to an Ipswitch study, “88% of IT professionals say their business is adopting intelligent systems.”


Analytics is to the Digital Revolution as the combustion engine is to the Industrial Revolution. Today’s enterprises need a robust and reliable business intelligence technology environment designed to help enterprise leaders discover the hidden value within their information assets.


With a dedicated information management and business intelligence platform in place, your business can make smarter decisions by gaining insights about your customers and operations.


Senryo’s Solutions

Senryo’s Data Analytics solutions help enterprises in leveraging existing data in new ways to improve decision making and gain a competitive edge.


Our Data Analytics process begins with an assessment to define where you are now and provide a roadmap to where you want to be. Our approach allows for uninterrupted operations and transitional change. Our proven SWAT Methodology (Senryo’s Warehouse and Analytics Track) helps keep your business running smoothly.

Our suite of solutions includes:

Business Intelligence Assessment Roadmap

Dimensional Modelling and Design

Data ETL and ELT

Data Warehouse Performance and Migration


Data Profiling and Discovery

Data Consolidation and Integration

Data Reporting and Dashboards

Business Benefits

Improved opportunity identification through better
segmentation and profiling

Reduced customer costs due to better
identification of priorities


Increased productivity through:

  • Automation
  • Better defined leads
  • Accurate management of marketing campaigns
  • Improved vendor relationships

Increased customer satisfaction

Success Stories

Senryo’s depth of expertise and experience have allowed us to help many organizations from multiple, diverse industries. To learn how we helped our clients, visit our Resources page.