Digital Transformation of Oracle Applications

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Digital Transformation. We are all talking about it, but who is actually doing it? Making your business application better, more responsive, and easier to use is a no brainer. Digital Transformation is about building ‘applications which a focus on, and in the perspective of the user.’


The lofty desire for easy to use, web accessible, mobile responsive applications, to support our work activities can seem unachievable in the face of legacy software. Digital Transformation requires thoughtful design and a keen understanding of how individuals do their work, on a day to day basis. User experience is key. 


For our Oracle E-Business Suite Application customers this is a tall order. We all know the effort and complexity of getting the information we want from our EBS applications, and we know the amount of training required to have staff effectively use Oracle EBS. The solution can be to move to the Cloud where Oracle HCM is easier to use. But that’s no solace for organizations that are not in a position to move from their on premises (or hosted non-cloud) environments.


Senryo Technologies sees there is a better way for users to leverage their Oracle EBS applications. What’s more, Applaud gets it. The Applaud platform solves our Oracle EBS challenges. In front of Oracle HCM, Applaud provides an amazing Digital Transformation that substantially reduces the clunky permission selections, the myriad of drill down frames, and the navigation back and forth to get to what you need to know. Applaud knows the Oracle EBS platform well and the specifics of HCM intimately.”


Applaud simplifies Oracle HCM processes, by:


- Providing an intuitive user graphic interface,
- Designing with the user in mind,
- Freeing up personnel to focus on value-add activities,
- Increasing engagement, productivity, and teamwork,
- Producing data that is easily available like you would expect it to be!


About Applaud:

Applaud is a company that delivers a platform with the sole purpose of creating engaging, compelling, and memorable employee experiences.


Senryo is a solutions integrator that has been in the business of implementing, upgrading, customizing, enhancing, and maintaining Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and their associated solutions.


Together Applaud and Senryo can help quickly bring your organization through the Digital Transformation journey starting with your Oracle EBS HCM applications.