Provide a modern, inclusive, customer-centric user experience that is fully
ADA and Section 508 Accessibly Compliant

Digital and web accessibility is no longer an option. Companies and public agencies across the nation are expected to provide an equally accessible experience for all of their customers and laws are rapidly changing to mandate these changes.


Gaining accessibility compliance or even knowing where to start is no simple task. We know from experience that being able to identify deficiencies or corrective action plans for our clients isn’t always enough and that most often a holistic approach with a strong accessibility partner is often required.


That’s the Senryo difference. We are one of the few teams in the United States to be led by and comprised of highly-skilled individuals that have not only performed complex accessibility audits in the past, but that have also designed, architected and remediated major web and digital properties in response to legal settlements and arbitrated memorandum of understandings having completed work on over five major engagements in the last four years.


Our approach to Web and Digital Accessibility is simple – we recognize that every member of the community should have an equally superior digital experience and not be limited, hampered, or forbidden by technology. Our team knows how to interpret WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Standards, ARIA 1.0 Development Best Practices, as well as ADA and Section 508 rules that apply to digital technologies. Using our experience and knowledge, e work in partnership with our customers to ensure an exceptional digital experience and minimize organizational impact during assessment or remediation activities.


Senryo’s Solutions

Senryo’s Accessibility Compliance solutions are structured to work with you, not against you, minimizing impact to your organization and customers. We partner with you from the start to offer solutions and services that can lead and support accessible transformation.

Our suite of solutions includes:

Assessment and Audit

Expert diagnostic assessments and audits performed by SMEs using qualitative/quantitative assessment metrics to evaluate a digital solution. Automated tool-based assessments to perform rapid diagnostic information related to your compliance health.

Strategic Accessibility Planning

Organizational and strategic planning services that enable your team to chart the implementation of corrective measures against business goals, resources, timeline, budget, or technology

Organizational or Community Training, Outreach and Awareness

You’re not in this alone! Our outreach and training services have been specifically designed to help your organization, your customers, and your community better understand Web and Digital Accessibility.

Compliance and Governance

Gaining compliance is only the first step, staying compliant is the next and it takes a clear compliance and governance strategy that can ensure all your efforts aren’t invalidated with your first upgrade or new release. We have the hands-on experience necessary to develop and lead your organization through this transformation.

Legal and Corporate Counsel Services

Accessibility compliance is never black and white. Ensuring that your legal team has the accessibility domain and subject matter expertise to support them in representing your best interests is paramount.

Business Benefits

Accessibility domain experts support you every step of the way and our proven approach to compliance and remediation is both qualitative and quantitative.

Our road map based approach to remediation clearly tells you where you’re going and what to expect along the way during your accessible remediation journey.


Our approach to accessibility is based on inclusive user experience driven journey that puts your customer at the center.

Leverage services that promote a better understanding of Web and digital accessibility


Capitalize on organizational processes and improvements that allow you to stay compliant

Obtain support for legal activities prior/during/after remediation

Success Stories

Senryo’s depth of expertise and experience have allowed us to help many organizations from multiple, diverse industries. To learn how we helped our clients, visit our Resources page.