Leverage your Oracle
investments to the fullest extent.

By 2020, Oracle predicts that 60% of organizations will have successfully moved their most critical systems management to the cloud.


Built to work with other enterprise and industry applications—be it on premises, or better, on the cloud—Oracle solutions such as Fusion Applications automate business processes and support better decision-making, while preserving customer choice of solutions and reducing overall IT costs.


With Oracle solutions, companies can deploy modern business applications using advanced technologies to tackle critical business problems without disrupting their overall IT strategy.


Senryo’s Solutions

Senryo’s solutions enable the full suite of integrated Oracle applications to handle HCM, ERP, and CRM business processes. Oracle Applications offer standards-based business applications that integrate seamlessly for agile, intelligent business operations.


Senryo covers all aspects of Oracle Cloud Apps lifecycle from selection through implementation to preventive and predictive maintenance.

Our expertise in this area includes:

Business Process Expertise

Senryo’s Cloud team has vast experience in developing and implementing cloud apps and other business applications for satisfied customers.

Product Expertise and Leading-Edge Knowledge

Our team includes people who architected key areas of Fusion and hold numerous patents and are aware of the current and upcoming business and technology trends.

Business Benefits

Modern User Interface that works seamlessly on numerous browsers and devices providing a consistent experience

Web 2.0 Collaboration that enables chat, discussion forums, or web conferencing to communicate and make decisions

  • Improved Productivity
  • Faster Access to Context
  • Enhanced Security

Business Intelligence that provides a comprehensive set of analytics, including leading-edge predictive analytics

Fusion Methodology (SAFE, or Senryo’s Accelerated Fusion Execution) to implement Oracle Fusion applications


Success Stories

Senryo’s depth of expertise and experience have allowed us to help many organizations from multiple, diverse industries. To learn how we helped our clients, visit our Resources page.